Fussy eating advice

Entice your child to eat fruit or raw veg

The Getting the Little Blighters to Eat approach to cracking fussy eating is certainly not about gimmicks! It’s about following clear principles to change your child’s attitude to food. But this little ‘trick’ can be a tiny nudge in a positive direction when it comes to getting your child to eat fruit or raw veg.

Present your child with a tiny portion of a fruit or raw veg they don’t eat with a cocktail stick already stuck into one piece. 

Blueberries, satsuma segments or chopped up pear? Cherry tomatoes, olives or small pieces of cucumber? Whatever you like. As ever, you shouldn’t put ANY pressure on them to eat – or even try – it (act like you don’t care!) and you shouldn’t expect them to eat any the first time you do it, or even the third time.

But they are unlikely to be able to resist stabbing the fruit or veg with the stick to pick it up! 

And this ‘interaction’ with the food – rather than just totally rejecting or ignoring it – is such an important first step. It makes your child familiar and comfortable with the fruit or veg – and gradually more open to the idea of actually eating it. Playing with it is a very good sign! And repeated exposure to a food is key!

So get a little pot of cocktail sticks – and just keep on doing it! 

If you think your child is likely to stab their sibling, you, themselves or the cat (!) with the cocktail stick, you can snip the very end of it off with scissors. It will still have enough stabbing power for the fruit or veg!