Fussy eating advice

Why keeping a Food Progress Diary is a very good idea

Something that can be really helpful to motivate you when you’re following the Getting the Little Blighters to Eat approach with your child is to record any signs of progress you see in your child’s eating from Day One. Because improvement to your child’s eating will be gradual – and can be in fits and starts – it can be exactly the boost you need to keep going!

“Sometimes I feel so frustrated that my child’s diet is nowhere near where I want it to be yet,” clients have told me. “But then I look back at the beginning of the diary and remember how far we’ve come!”

You don’t need to write down everything your child eats each day. That’d be hard work! No, just jot down ANY signs of progress you see – however tiny. Start by making a list at the front of the diary of all the foods and meals your child currently eats happily and reliably. Whether that’s 25 things, 10 things or just 5. Then once you put the new approach to food and mealtimes into action, just write down any ‘FIRSTS’: Anything NEW your child ate – or did with food – that day.

Here are some ‘real life’ examples from clients of mine: 

👍 Sucked the juice out of a Satsuma segment

👍 Had a few nibbles of a fish finger

👍 Ate quite a bit of beef and a few carrots from his roast dinner instead of just eating the roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding

👍 Ate a piece of toast made with brown bread (instead of white)

👍 Took a bite of a red pepper stick and spat it out

👍 I gave her a bowl of Rice Krispies for breakfast – and she ate them without complaining that she hadn’t got her usual bowl of Weetabix

👍 He made a raspberry and spinach smoothie ‘by himself’ – and drank it all!

👍 Mixed the sauce into pasta herself and ate it (usually just eats the pasta and avoids the sauce completely)

👍 Dipped soldiers in boiled egg yolk and ate them (didn’t eat egg itself)

👍 Ate the broccoli on her plate – and asked for more!

👍 Ate a whole plate of lasagne

👍 Dipped finger in avocado when we were mashing it together and ate it

👍 I served a different type of sausage – and she ate them without comment

👍 Ate a cherry tomato and said “Yuk”. But when I took no notice, he ate two more!

👍 Ate baked beans (would only eat sauce before)

Yep. Jot down each little glimmer of hope, each little (or big!) triumph, and smile to yourself – while showing absolutely no sign of pleasure to your child at all of course!